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Mark Farley Comments on Potential Corporate Liability for California Wildfires

Firm News | November 21, 2018

Environmental and Workplace Safety head Mark Farley spoke with US News & World Report and the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the potential for connections between California's Camp Fire and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) equipment management issues. Mark noted that the legal battle will likely center around PG&E's management of vegetation around its equipment, which could even result in criminal prosecution. In the San Francisco Chronicle, Mark stated, "The question is ultimately going to be what systems did PG&E have in place to make sure that its equipment was properly maintained? As a practical matter, given the extreme drought, maybe it wouldn't have mattered. But I think people are going to be asking those questions, and I think some of those people are going to be criminal investigators or prosecutors." In comments to US News & World Report, Mark added, "The challenge for PG&E, from a reputational standpoint, is this isn't their first incident. Whether it's wildfires caused by their equipment or the terrible accident at San Bruno, the question that a lot of people are asking is whether or not the organization can be trusted to operate safely."

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