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Our Clients

We represent public and private companies and other business organizations in every major industry in cases ranging from contract disputes and regulatory matters, to class action lawsuits, antitrust matters and other complex commercial and criminal litigation.

Our Services

Katten attorneys have the depth and experience to handle, and if necessary, to litigate through appeal, virtually any type of case. We regularly try "bet the company" cases to verdict and appear in federal and state courts across the nation at the trial and appellate levels, before arbitration tribunals and administrative law judges, and in specialty courts.

Clients benefit from the experience of the many Katten attorneys who have held positions at the US Department of Justice, the US Attorney's Office, the White House, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and other government agencies and prosecutors' offices at both the state and federal levels across the country. Our team adeptly handles the many risks, investigations, government inquiries and proceedings that accompany large cases, and guides clients through the resulting parallel and complex proceedings. We act as national or regional counsel for clients, coordinating closely with local and other outside counsel to bring the best possible conclusion to complex and multiple jurisdiction actions.

Clients also count on our substantial appellate experience, whether we are handling an appeal from our own litigation efforts, or have been hired to sustain a lower court victory or obtain a reversal of an adverse judgment. Our appellate litigators are fully integrated members of our trial teams, drafting critical motions and advising on how best to position our clients' cases for success on appeal.

In addition to being a "go to" litigation firm at the trial and appellate levels, we offer substantial experience in alternative dispute resolution. Recognizing that sometimes the best possible resolution is something short of a trial, we provide effective representation in mediations, arbitrations, neutral panels and other ADR proceedings, and implement litigation strategies that include potential ADR solutions.

Katten's Litigation practice has earned top recognition for its track record of success, but we believe our litigation victories must provide value and long-term benefit to our clients. This makes us better business partners in the long run, and more successful advocates for matters on the immediate horizon.

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