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Our Clients

Katten's International practice attorneys represent clients in both domestic and foreign legal matters. We advise owners, developers and investors in the acquisition, operation, restructuring and disposition of all types of properties in US and international markets. We counsel clients throughout the world, including Europe, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Canada and Brazil and represent a number of Israeli companies in securities class actions and other matters. We advise global companies and funds in inbound US transactions, along with a number of the world's premier hedge funds and money managers, major investment and commercial banks, leading firms and insurance companies, and several international exchanges. In addition to our own team of experienced international advisors, our network of highly qualified foreign counsel gives us access to skilled attorneys worldwide.

Our Services

With a well-established presence in London, we are able to offer integrated legal advice to serve the needs of clients undertaking transatlantic business. We serve as advocates for clients engaged in international litigation and arbitration proceedings, including those conducted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and the Stockholm Arbitration Institute (SCC). Our attorneys advise US and foreign companies about the scope and obligations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and with regard to US class actions that include non-US class members. We provide asset management, regulatory, and derivatives and capital markets advice to UK and overseas investment entities and banks, asset managers and other financial services institutions. We are involved in all aspects of foreign investment in US real estate and in international real estate and finance transactions.

Katten has an active China practice focused on advising both Chinese companies doing business in the United States and Western companies with business interests in China. In addition to experienced attorneys permanently based in Shanghai, we maintain a core China team in our Chicago office that works seamlessly with the Shanghai group to serve our clients' business needs in China in real time. Attorneys in our Shanghai office are qualified in China and the US, speak fluent English and Mandarin, and can handle legal affairs on a multicultural and multijurisdictional basis. Clients benefit from our knowledge of Chinese local law and practices, our language and communication skills, and our relationships with central, regional and local governments and businesses in China.

Additionally, Katten's multidisciplinary team has the experience and cultural sensibilities necessary to help Indian companies and multinationals doing business in India with a variety of cross-border matters. Our attorneys handle corporate transactions, antitrust and commercial litigation, trade regulations and compliance, and intellectual property. We provide efficient counsel for a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, private equity, real estate and hospitality.

Our International practice attorneys help clients maintain compliance with US and international laws regulating trade and discover opportunities to enhance their competitive positioning. We draft documents and provide advice on potential regulatory issues that arise in the course of international business transactions. US and multinational companies seek our advice on a range of trade policy issues, including participating in trade coalitions and direct lobbying of US government officials. We advise companies on international trade negotiations and agreements under the World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and others. We enforce, protect and defend our clients' patent, trademark and copyright rights in jurisdictions across the United States and abroad. We frequently assist our clients with the transfer, protection and licensing of their intellectual property assets in cross-border transactions. In addition, our IP attorneys have experience working for international law firms and organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Katten's integrated network of trust and estate practitioners counsel foreign and domestic clients on tax and estate planning issues relating to multinational holdings. We educate foreign clients regarding the tax aspects of their US operations and investments and advise US clients on the implications of foreign expansion and activities. Our attorneys represent founders and investors in structuring domestic and multinational start-up businesses and venture capital investments to take advantage of the many benefits offered by tax laws. We also provide advice with respect to the organization and day-to-day operation of both US and foreign private investment funds, along with sophisticated transactional representation and business counseling to national and global companies in a wide range of industries. Our firm is a member of the US European Network (USEN), an informal, non-exclusive network of leading independent law firms headquartered in key US and European legal markets, allowing us to provide legal advice in most European countries, as well as in Latin America and Asia. Our attorneys have extensive experience in foreign antitrust investigations, transactions and business operations and strong relationships with foreign competition lawyers who can be retained quickly.

With broad backgrounds in foreign transactions and contentious matters and established networks of international attorneys, Katten's International practice can address any need for overseas counsel.

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