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Environmental and Workplace Safety Coalitions

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Our Clients

Katten has successfully created multiple environmental coalitions bringing together in-house safety attorneys and professionals to address regulations that apply to their respective companies' health, safety and environment (HSE), process safety, and risk management matters. These coalition members—our clients—come from companies primarily in the energy, refining, petrochemical and other process industries.

Our Services

In our experience, the unified efforts of multiple companies can be more persuasive than a single company, especially when facing government challenges. By partnering with Katten, members of our environmental coalitions generate synergies that combine the "intellectual capital" of member companies. Each focused group provides an opportunity to share information, address regulatory activity, and impact emerging environmental and safety issues of interest.

Katten Safety Advisory Group (KSAG)

KSAG helps organizations keep current with safety best practices. As a forum for members to discuss topics of interest and benchmark safety efforts with similarly situated organizations, we provide weekly email bulletins analyzing emerging legal and regulatory issues. We also host quarterly half-day meetings where our attorneys provide practical advice on how companies may want to address emerging issues of concern. Government officials and technical subject matter experts also serve as featured speakers to unite the differing perspectives of legal counsel and safety experts across industries and disciplines. By helping organizations share information across industries, we assist in-house safety attorneys and subject matter experts in considering both the legal and technical aspects of safety performance.

Katten Environmental Advisory Group (KEAG)

With more than 50 member companies, KEAG unites environmental professionals from across industries and disciplines to create an information sharing forum to address regulatory activity and emerging environmental issues of interest to member organizations. Through timely and concise email bulletins covering important developments, KEAG members are provided with regular updates on areas including: air, water, waste and remediation, climate change, release reporting, emergency response, investigation and compliance, environmental litigation, and enforcement.

Katten Process Safety Advocacy Group (PSAG)

PSAG advocates on behalf of member companies with respect to process safety management (PSM) regulatory issues for oil, gas and chemical companies. Collectively, PSAG will work with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as it continues its efforts to reform the current PSM Standard, including participating in OSHA's formal notice and public comment rulemaking.

Katten Chemical Safety Advisory Group (CSAG)

CSAG advocated on behalf of member companies regarding the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Risk Management Program (RMP) rules under the Clean Air Act (CAA), and cost-effective implementation of related regulations. Member companies represented the refining, oil and gas, chemical, and general manufacturing sectors with operations throughout the United States that are currently subject to these rules or may become subject to them based on revisions to the regulations currently under consideration. CSAG engaged with EPA and submitted comments to the agency during both the proposal and the proposed rulemaking.

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Environmental and Workplace Safety Coalitions


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