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Corporate and Financial Weekly Digest - Volume IV, Issue 11

Newsletter | March 20, 2009

In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • SEC, Delaware Drafting New Shareholder Access Proposals
  • Plaintiffs Adequately Allege Exchange Act Violations Against Ponzi Scheme Operators
  • Commingling of Identities Held Insufficient to Pierce Corporate Veil
  • FINRA Proposes Rule Prohibiting Trading Ahead of Customer Orders
  • FINRA Proposes Margin Requirements for Positions in Credit Default Swaps
  • ISE Proposes to Redefine “Primary Market”
  • Proposed Reinstatement of the Uptick Rule
  • SEC Director Advises as to Best Compliance Practices
  • OTS Realigns Regional Structure and Enhances Large Bank Supervision
  • FDIC Extends the Debt Guarantee Component of Its Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program
  • FASB Issues Proposed Guidance Regarding Fair Value Measurements and Impairments of Securities
  • West Coast Life Adds Claims to Stranger-Owned Life Insurance Complaint
  • Fourth Circuit Affirms Decision in First Penn Case
  • FRBNY Releases Revised TALF FAQs and Expands Eligible Collateral for TALF’s April Subscription
  • FRBNY Releases Initial Results of March TALF Loan Requests
  • FSA Publishes Wide-Ranging Regulation Review

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