Summer Associate Testimonials

Check out what past summer associates thought about their experiences at Katten:

       Kenneth Cushing, 2013, Charlotte
       Wake Forest University School of Law, 2015

It did not take long to find out that Katten's office is full of great people who took a genuine interest in both my personal and professional life. From the first-year associates to the managing partner, everyone was happy to spend time with me to talk about their practices, share their stories or simply grab lunch. I was able to work with every practice group and appreciated the challenging assignments. When I wanted to take a break, it was not bad to look down and see the Carolina Panthers practicing in their stadium. We also had plenty of fun at different events around Charlotte and it was clear that all the attorneys truly enjoyed working with each other. Building strong relationships with a great group of people while doing sophisticated legal work made Katten the best summer experience I could have asked for.

       Jennifer Nusbaum, 2013, Charlotte
       The University of North Carolina School of Law, 2015

My summer associate experience with Katten was everything I had hoped for and more. I was surrounded by talented attorneys who were genuinely interested in my success and I was able to complete projects on a variety of legal matters. Even as a first-year law student, I was given real assignments and responsibility. Katten allowed me the space to figure things out on my own and the mentoring to ensure I was successful. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to coming back next summer.

       Adam Stoddard, 2013, Charlotte
       Wake Forest University School of Law, 2014

Working as a Katten summer associate was a fantastic experience. I had the opportunity to contribute to high-level work product, and worked for some truly charismatic and authentic people. My superiors gave me the freedom to pursue a variety of work assignments in different practice areas, and gave me timely and useful feedback. The office environment was very welcoming and positive. Partners and associates went out of their way to get to know me at the variety of social events. Overall, it could not have been a better summer.

       Kyle Finnegan, 2014, Chicago
       Northwestern University School of Law, 2015

What surprised me the most about this summer at Katten is how closely the summer associate program represented working as a first-year associate. Where some firms treat the summer associate program like a 10-week sales pitch, Katten let me “test drive” a potential career, while still having plenty of fun each week. From the first day, Katten attorneys were eager to involve summer associates in their practice, and gave me many opportunities to work at the level of a full time associate. I never felt that I was on a “make-work” project. Rather, my assignments contributed to Katten attorneys' practices. With this high level of work given to summers, there is also a high level of support. I always had many people to whom I could reach out with questions, or to ask for guidance. This summer, Katten gave me the opportunity to be a contributing member of both commercial and pro bono practices. I was given great support to meet the high expectations of both attorneys and clients and to hone my project management skills. Overall, this summer gave me a clear view of what it is like to be an associate at Katten. Based on this view, there is no firm where I’d rather practice.

       David Dormon, 2013, Chicago
       The University of Chicago Law School, 2014

When I was deciding where I would spend my summer, the two most important factors in my decision were attorney development and diversity. Katten caught my eye because the firm seemed to take very hands-on approach to improving these areas. They didn't just focus on minority numbers, but rather had a genuine interest in the long-term professional success of all of their young lawyers. When I finally arrived at Katten to begin my summer, all of these notions were proven true. My summer at Katten was highlighted by complex and substantive assignments coupled with excellent support. I was given the opportunity to do work that was important to the firm's clients, while the partners and associates I worked with provided guidance and tutelage every step of the way. I became a part of a very inclusive community that valued the differences of its members instead of just shying away from them. Needless to say, I am very happy with the decision I made.

       Julia Kasper, 2011, Chicago
       University of Chicago Law School, 2011

One of the characteristics of Katten that stood out to me while interviewing was the passion that the Katten attorneys had for their area of work. As a summer associate, I got to witness and experience that passion and dedication first hand. I worked on assignments for the Intellectual Property, Litigation, Trusts and Estates and Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation departments, and even appeared in front of a judge to obtain an emergency order of protection for a pro bono client. The attorneys were approachable and happy to give guidance along the way. Between the work experience and all of the social events—casino night, baseball games, delicious lunches and more—I had a fantastic summer at Katten.

       Robert Dwyer, 2011, Los Angeles
       USC Gould School of Law, 2012 

My summer associate experience at Katten exceeded my already high expectations. The partners and associates in the firm were welcoming and friendly, and made the effort to get to know us and check in throughout the summer to address any questions or concerns we might have. I worked on assignments in a variety of practice areas, including litigation, real estate, corporate and entertainment. I also was able to do pro bono work. The assignments I worked on were substantive and addressed real issues in the cases, so I knew the work I was doing actually mattered. There is an open-door policy which made me feel comfortable to ask follow-up questions, seek clarification or stop in and get to know a particular attorney a little better. The events throughout the summer were well-attended by the attorneys in the office and were a lot of fun. Katten also treated us to great lunches throughout the summer. I know that I made the right choice by coming to Katten—I could not have asked for a better summer experience!

       Nicholas Gross, 2011, Los Angeles
       Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, 2012

As a summer associate at Katten, I had a chance to work in a wide variety of practice areas with a diverse group of knowledgeable supervising attorneys—everyone was very helpful and provided lots of feedback. Each assignment was unique and interesting and provided me with a chance to really get to know the firm. We were taken to lunch every day by a different group of associates, and the firm hosted weekly social gatherings that let you meet the attorneys in a more relaxed setting. Overall, it was a tremendous experience.

       Danielle Raymond, 2011, Los Angeles
       USC Gould School of Law, 2012 

While attending call-back interviews at a variety of firms, Katten's collegial atmosphere immediately stood out to me and made it apparent that Katten was a firm where I could grow both personally and professionally. My summer experience at Katten solidified this perception. I was exposed to a wide variety of assignments across many different practice areas. I had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge entertainment assignments, litigation matters and complex issues in trusts and estates. I was afforded great responsibility and was very involved in each project, receiving valuable, constructive feedback throughout the summer. My summer experience exceeded all of my expectations.

       Jenn Carmen, 2011, New York
       Emory University School of Law, 2012

Katten's attorneys are not only smart and dedicated, they also genuinely enjoy working with each other.

       Christian Brockman, 2010, New York
       New York University School of Law, 2011

I had a great summer at Katten. Due to the small class size, I received a tremendous amount of individual attention. The attorneys went out of their way to give me substantive assignments, one of which even included direct client interaction. I always felt that I was part of the team, even though I was only there for the summer.

We are excited to welcome qualified Summer Associates to our team. Katten is full of open doors, open minds and new opportunities.

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