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Y  important, according to Brandon, Diane and Peter          Conference & Career Fair in San Francisco in August.
   Ballance, a Real Estate partner in our Los Angeles –      At the retreat, attorneys will convene to share ideas
   Century City office and the third co-chair of our         on new ways to help foster a welcoming, supportive
   LGBT Coalition, are the actions they inspire.             environment for LGBT attorneys at Katten and to
                                                             develop a plan to roll them out.
   “I’m proud of the fact that I’m at a firm that has this
   high ranking,” says Peter, “but I’m also proud that       Supporting the Wider LGBT
   it’s actually based in something that I’ve experienced    Community
   myself. It’s not just an ‘on paper this is what we
   offer’ type of commitment. It’s showed up in my life      Katten’s LGBT attorneys also launch and support
   through what the firm provides on a daily basis, and      new initiatives outside the firm. “I’m working with a
   that makes it a great place to work.”                     group of attorneys to form an LGBT resource group
                                                             in the DC area,” says Brandon. “We’ve invited law
   Inclusion: More Than Just Policies                        firms, accounting firms, persons from the federal
                                                             government—all of whom are either heads of diversity
   Katten not only offers progressive work benefits,         programs or are responsible for diversity at their
   but promotes a diverse culture related to sexual          organization—to discuss best practices and steps we
   orientation and gender identity, assists with             can take to promote LGBT persons from within . . .
   identifying innovative programs and initiatives that      to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel
   the firm can take part in, and helps foster an inclusive  included, and to make sure they have the opportunity
   environment for LGBT attorneys and new recruits.          to grow their careers.”
   This includes sponsoring and attending events such
   as the HRC’s Gala in Chicago, the Lesbian and Gay         Peter is actively involved in the Los Angeles Lesbian
   Law Association Foundation of Greater New York’s          and Gay Real Estate Group, as well as the LGBT Bar
   Annual Dinner, and the LGBT Bar Association               Association of Los Angeles. “I find great value in
   of Los Angeles’ Annual Gala. In addition, we              connecting with other LGBT professionals in LA,
   have hosted events for LGBT law school student            exploring ways to collaborate and discovering how I
   organizations, such as the University of Chicago          can involve Katten where possible,” he said.
   Law School’s OutLaw Mentoring Program, as well as
   for industry groups, including both the Los Angeles       All three co-chairs agree that Katten is an LGBT-
   and New York Lesbian and Gay Real Estate Groups.          friendly environment that supports the balance of client
                                                             service with family life and community involvement.
   One new addition to our roster of firm events in          As Peter puts it, “I’m building a practice, and it’s going
   2017 is a retreat for Katten’s LGBT attorneys, which      well. I have great colleagues, and my life is good here. I
   will coincide with this year’s Annual Lavender Law        can’t imagine a better place to be than Katten.”

   Brandon D. Hadley    Diane E. Bell                        Peter D. Ballance

              PARTNER         PARTNER                                  PARTNER
          TAX PLANNING     CORPORATE                                REAL ESTATE

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