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Safety group. Last May she was appointed the managing partner of the San Francisco Bay
Area office and she has served as a member of the Capital Partner Selection Committee. As
a mentor, Lily provides insight into the benefits from a varied career path, integration as a
lateral attorney at Katten and the advantages of being a diverse attorney.

Karen Nelson joined the firm five years ago and is a partner in the Real Estate group in           Kristin
Charlotte. She has maintained a full-time work schedule while having two children and            Achterhof
crafts her mentoring around the belief that each woman attorney’s path to a successful
career is unique. When it comes to developing business, Karen can guide her mentees                  CHICAGO
through various areas of support provided by Katten for their individual goals. As part of
the Mentoring Panel, Karen advises women attorneys on                                              Clarke
how to develop good business relationships, including
connecting with others who are at a similar career                                             WASHINGTON, DC
level at client organizations, and offers her advice and
experience regarding managing a family and a practice.

All of the Mentoring Panel members share their               Lily
individual stories and identify ways in which they can     Chinn
help mentor colleagues to help them develop a path
to success and balance. Providing such programs is a    SAN FRANCISCO
testament to Katten’s commitment to advancing and           BAY AREA
retaining women attorneys.

   Ronni      Karen                                         Stacey                              Nicole Lynn
Davidowitz     Dine                                     McKee Knight                              Kobrine

   NEW YORK  NEW YORK                                     LOS ANGELES –                        WASHINGTON, DC
                                                          CENTURY CITY

  Karen      Kristin                                     Kim                                   Allison
 Nelson      Nichols                                    Smith                                  Yacker

CHARLOTTE    CHICAGO                                    CHICAGO                                NEW YORK

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