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has their own style—some people are great in group situations        PO A
and others are better one-on-one. Perhaps an attorney is a great
writer who can leverage a timely, substantive article that he or
she wrote and use that as way to get in front of more potential
clients,” he highlighted. “There are also talented men and women
who may not be as outgoing or aggressive as some, so I try to
help them find ways to connect that work best for them—maybe
working in entrepreneurial teams of two, three or more. Together
we develop ways to overcome any possible barriers.”

As part of his ongoing coaching process, Vince acts as a sounding
board and advisor to help them through the rough spots. “Maybe
down the road they say, ‘I’m finding that the way I’m approaching
my contacts doesn’t seem to be clicking,’ so through a series of
questions that I ask, we analyze what’s not working and revamp
the plan,” he explained. “I’ll develop add-ons to their ideas,
especially if I think that maybe they’re going in the wrong
direction, and I will be honest about the hurdles that I anticipate
they may encounter.”

The Qualities of a Good Coach

Good coaches inspire and the best ones are emulated. Vince
pinpoints several criteria necessary to be an effective leadership
coach: good listening skills, discretion, honesty, patience, an
even temperament and a solid understanding of what makes
a person successful within the organization in which he or
she works. “All conversations are kept confidential, which is
essential to being frank and honest about someone’s career
goals,” Vince said. “Being a good listener and helping them
connect the dots—wherever those dots may lead, even if they
lead to an in-house position at a corporation—is at the heart of
what I do.”

Vince believes that as a coach he is not acting as an agent for
the firm, but as an agent for the attorney whom he’s coaching.
“My goal is to help a number of people around the firm think
about their careers, figure out what they can do next to try and
grow not just as lawyers but as owners of a business, and think
like business owners in terms of driving more revenue,” shared
Vince. “There’s great satisfaction in seeing someone else grow
and be successful.” After launching this leadership coaching
program by working with a few diverse attorneys in the Chicago
office, Vince has great hopes that the program will expand to
include other coaches and other attorneys throughout various
offices and practices.

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