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2017 Summer Associates

This year, we are proud to welcome our most diverse class of summer associates.

Our summers come from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds.

In addition, 58% are women and 67% are racially diverse. Our belief in the value—

for us and for our clients—of lawyers with different perspectives and experiences

naturally extends to our summers, as part of the next generation of Katten


          “The summer associate program strives to introduce into                  Ali Fenno, Gabriela Colon, Brittany Morrison
          our firm talented individuals who have high potential to                  and Thomas Walker.

          become strong contributors and future leaders of the firm.”

            —David A. Crichlow, NEW YORK HIRING PARTNER

Christina Romero, MarkAnthony Curtis, Eddie Matzner, Adriane Sanchez, Jennifer Yamin, Gregory Segal, Shelby Palmer, Katherine Motsinger, Yoko Ihaza and

Grace Thompson, Jake Nussbaum, Nikki Comer and Ana Verena S. Nigro.         Ashley Brines.

Darius Hands, Elijah Staggers and Srikaran Mahavadi.  Kimberly Waters, Brendan Gerdes, Benjamin Levine, Kathy Lee, Paige Greene, Karim
                                                      Lakhani, Lisa Wiznitzer, Catherine O’Brien, Samya Abdela. Steve Shim, Khalid Elwanni,
                                                      Mario Robertson, Rodrigo Huerta Ribera and Britt DeVaney.

2017 LCLDs  We are proud to continue our partnership with the Leadership Council on Legal
            Diversity and welcomed eight LCLD 1L Scholars to our summer program.

          “We are incredibly honored to be part of the LCLD Scholars program. Our initial goal at
          Katten was to support a worthy program that provided opportunities to young, diverse
          attorneys. Ultimately, we find that we receive so much in return, as almost every one of
          our LCLD 1L scholars return the next year as summer associates.”

                                             —Kristin J. Achterhof, NATIONAL HIRING PARTNER

          Chicago: Kimberly Waters, Rodrigo Huerta Ribera, Kathy Lee, and Karim Lakhani; LA: Shelby Palmer; NY: Jennifer Yamin;  15
          DC: Darius Hands and Elijah Staggers
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