Page 13 - Katten Annual Diversity Review
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I could not have served in these capacities      Why are programs and visibility                    CO
without the support of Chief Executive Officer   so important to the firm’s
Noah Heller, Chairman Roger Furey and my         diversity mission?
partners at Katten.
                                                 The mission is to make our firm even more
Director of Pro Bono Services Jonathan Baum      inclusive, at every level. It is a difficult goal
also is an ardent supporter of efforts to grow   for the legal profession across the board, not
pro bono opportunities in the LA office. I       just at Katten. The firm became committed
have always felt comfortable going to him        to that vision years ago; and I appreciate my
with ideas and really respect his counsel. As a  partners and our management very much for
member of the board, we have grown the firm’s    that. Together with firm leadership and Chief
relationship with the Inner City Law Center,     Diversity Officer Leslie Minier, we’ve made
which predominantly serves homeless families,    great strides to support diverse attorneys
arranges benefits for veterans and helps other   here today and lay the groundwork for future
vulnerable communities in Los Angeles.           generations. I believe it is my obligation
                                                 to be involved and to set an example for
I also serve on the steering committee for the   young colleagues and the wider community.
LA chapter of Just The Beginning – A Pipeline    Ultimately, there’s nothing unusual or special
Organization (JTB-APO), which is based in        about me. I was lucky enough to find a good,
Chicago. JTB-APO is a nonprofit founded          happy fit at Katten, and I made it my home. I
in 1991 to help judges and lawyers organize      appreciate the longevity with my partners and
and inspire kids of color to pursue careers      friends here and how they support a wide array
in the legal profession. We work together to     of community service efforts.
develop educational programs and various
opportunities to expose students of color and
other underrepresented groups, from middle
school through law school, to the practice
of law. Through Katten’s commitment and
financial support, the LA chapter is getting
off the ground and is preparing a weeklong
program for high school students this summer.

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