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Recruitment | Advancement | Retention  Diverse Attorney Profile—
                                       Steve Cochran at Home at Katten

                                       At the heart of a successful career, chemistry among colleagues is nearly as
                                       important as having the right skills. Los Angeles Litigation partner Steve Cochran
                                       knows first-hand the value of firm culture and how it contributes to professional
                                       success and personal fulfillment.

                                       Steve joined Katten in 1991, never left , and           years. Across offices, I feel like we know each other
                                               couldn’t be happier with how it all has worked       and trust each other’s judgment, which I not
                                               out. He has an unusually broad practice                  only value, but know has contributed to my
                                       serving clients in civil litigation and those                     success as a trial lawyer.
                                       accused of criminal offenses. His work spans cases
                                       involving theft of ideas or other intellectual                       How has being an attorney
                                       property, defamation, wrongful                                        of color shaped your
                                       termination, sexual harassment/                                        experience?
                                       discrimination, breach of fiduciary
                                       duty, fraud, breach of contract,                                            I am very lucky, coming from
                                       industrial accidents, environmental                                           the public school system and a
                                       issues and commercial real estate.                                             working-class background, to

                                       As a high-stakes litigator, Steve was                                           have a career as a lawyer. From
                                       drawn to Katten’s “top-notch” client                                            my early days as a federal public
                                       service and entrepreneurial style. From                                          defender to my years with
                                       the start, he felt he was encouraged                                             Katten, I have been devoted to
                                       to pursue his practice while                                                     indigent representation. Former
                                       contributing to the greater legal                                              National Managing Partner
                                       community. In the Q&A below,                                        Vince Sergi, now Chairman Emeritus,
                                       Steve shares how he’s grown                                      particularly understood the importance
                                       professionally and personally                                   of being visible as a diverse attorney to the
                                       during his long career at Katten.                                 wider legal community. I was a lawyer
                                                                                                            delegate to the Ninth Circuit Judicial
                                       What is it about Katten                                                 Conference, served on of the executive
                                       that has helped you grow                                                  committee to the conference and was
                                       in your career?                                                           appointed to the Advisory Board to
                                                                                                                the Ninth Circuit. That work, among
                                       I know that the partners I work with are                                others, required a significant time
                                       great people in addition to top-quality lawyers. The                   and financial commitment. Vince not
                                       partners at Katten are truly my friends. It speaks      only supported those efforts, but embraced them,
                                       to the quality of the organization when there are       encouraging me to do more. Later on, the mayor
                                       so many partners that have been here 10, 20-plus        of Los Angeles appointed me to a city commission.

                                       10 Katten Annual Diversity Review – 2017
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