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Recruitment | Advancement | Retention  Alumni Spotlight: David Kelly, General
                                       Counsel of the Golden State Warriors

                                       David Kelly believes that he is proof of what happens when law firm leaders
                                       reach out to, collaborate with and empower young, diverse attorneys.

                                       Previously a Corporate partner who joined                entitlements. Given the new stadium’s location across
                                                Katten in Chicago out of law school, David      the street from the UCSF Medical Center, I also worked
                                                now works for one of his Katten clients, the    closely with hospital administration to ensure access
                                       Golden State Warriors, as general counsel and vice       for doctors and patients when we’re having games and
                                       president of basketball management and strategy for      events. The third main component of my job centers
                                       the team. He points to several key people at Katten      around typical general counsel responsibilities covering
                                       who helped shape his career and encouraged him to        employment law issues, strategic planning, management
                                       follow his passions, which David originally thought      of the legal department, and negotiation of sponsorship
                                       centered on entertainment law but took a turn            and vendor agreements and IP rights deals.
                                       towards sports while working closely with Adam
                                       Klein, head of Katten’s Sports and Sports Facilities     What brought you to Katten and
                                       group, representing clients such as the Chicago          eventually led you to the Warriors?
                                       Bulls, Chicago White Sox and the Oakland A’s.
                                                                                                As a Chicago native, I knew that Katten had deep roots
                                       David shares his views on his time at Katten, career     in Chicago and that the firm had a strong reputation.
                                       advancement, diversity in the legal profession and       In addition, it had an entertainment practice, which
                                       work-life balance in the alumni spotlight below.         interested me—particularly the music industry. Even
                                                                                                though the entertainment work was mainly done in
                                       What are your main areas of                              the LA office, there was still an opportunity to branch
                                       responsibility as GC of the Warriors?                    out into that area of law within the firm, so all of these
                                                                                                factors led me to join Katten’s Corporate group out of
                                       I wear three different hats as the GC. The first one is  law school in 2004.
                                       on the basketball side—managing the salary cap for
                                       he team, negotiating player contracts, liaising with     Adam Klein was my mentor and I worked with him on
                                       players’ counsel and strategic planning for the team.    various transactions for sports clients. As Adam grew
                                       The second area relates to the team’s new 18,500-seat    his practice to include additional clients such as the
                                       arena that we’re building in the Mission Bay section     Chicago Fire, the St. Louis Blues, the Boston Celtics,
                                       of San Francisco. We broke ground in January and         Comcast Spectacor and Time Warner, I was able to
                                       it’s slated to be open for the 2019-2020 season. For     expand the scope of my work as well. Early on I also
                                       the new stadium, I’ve worked on a variety of projects    worked with Jerry Penner, Adam’s mentor and a very
                                       based on each development stage, including negotiating   well-respected attorney within the firm who had the
                                       the land purchase, managing the land entitlement         main relationships with the Bulls and the White Sox.
                                       process, working with the Katten team on the $1 billion  He and I struck up a friendship after he stopped by
                                       financing, negotiating construction documents with       my office one day and we got to talking about music,
                                       our contractor and labor agreements with unions,         religion and all sorts of things. Jerry made a point
                                       and managing litigation matters challenging the          of connecting with diverse attorneys throughout

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